13692515_1570071153298953_7320699038359582487_nThe most intense transformation is happening within our relationships with friends and family right now. A change within our intimate circles is bridging the person we once were and the person we are becoming.

When we started on our journey we knew we would have to let go of A LOT but what we didn’t anticipate was the breaking down of friendships and family dynamics. The people who you never expected to be on board with this journey are the ones supporting you and growing with you within this new vibration. And, the people we expected to be by our sides are the ones we have to let go of (for now). What we have to remember is that we are not the same person we once were. This shift is tearing us apart, molding us and re-birthing us into the person we will be for New Earth in a 5th Dimensional reality. I see so many people coming into their power and becoming more courageous, more resilient, more true to their believes and people in your life are either going to view that as a threat or as a beautiful transformation.
You cannot stay stuck on who you once were to make others comfortable in this new energy. You will feel confused, disoriented, dense, off balanced and have problems with manifesting your desires because your focus is on old, stagnant energies that do not exist anymore. Let go and become your magical self whether your family and friends agree with you or not. This is not your fight to win them over but your fight to stay absolutely honest and true to yourself.

The journey in remembering is not an easy one especially with all the upgrades and clearing happening to our bodies and minds as we shed this Carbon body and transform into Crystalline beings of light. Right now we need to be around people who are supportive, open and who have the potential to have an expanded consciousness to at least come out of their comfort zone. They need to do the research and see that we are going through something on a colossal scale within our evolution as HUmans on this planet.
It will get harder to stand at times alone has you become but know that you never stand alone with your Light Team standing behind you. If we do not let go of certain people in our lives we will keep reliving old timelines with them until we get it right. We will stay stuck and stagnant unless we are brave enough to JUMP! The battle will be with what WAS until we realise what IS. It is hard to step fully into our new realities without the ones we thought were going to be by our side but this is for your growth and you wrote your chart this way.
Realise that your friends and family are a part of your Soul group and each one of you wrote your charts this way so you could become the best version of yourself with or without them. You cannot be magic with people in your lives that do not believe in magic. Grow, transform and cross that bridge. You never know who will be meeting you across that bridge in time!

Tips on how to integrate this change:
1. Meet them where you currently stand
2. Be compassionate- they are going through their own transformation as well
3. Stand firm within your new identity and be unapologetic for who you have become
4. Try to not go back into the same habits and characteristics when you are around them…You’re not that person anymore and you will confuse them
5. Know that in the future they may catch up to your vibration and you may become friends again so try not to leave on bad terms!
6. Be gentle with yourself as you go through this re-birth…it’s not easy…stand in love and courage

Natoya Hall
Foto: Pinterest.com